Bringing the assertive Israeli approach

to the Australian cyber landscape

What We Do?

With a wealth of experience from some of the world’s cyber hotspots, and leveraging the Israeli knowledge and experience, Avantgard draws together some of the best cyber security skills and tools and makes them available to the Australian market.

Avantgard brings the front foot approach to cyber security, helping businesses address complex cyber security problems with pro-active, outward-looking action plans that deliver effective outcomes.

How it has been:

  1. Passive/reactive blocking of threats
  2. Rely on off-line backup to recover from Ransomware attacks
  3. Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) are invisible to all but the most sophisticated defenders
  4. Victims find out what was stolen only after the hacker hits their bank account or the scandal hits the media

Where we’re going

  1. Assertive intelligence reaching out into the hacker’s world. Active deception & decoys that expose and destroy the value of hacker tool kits
  2. Obfuscation techniques that stop ransomware from initiating
  3. Active hunting tools that expose even the most sophisticated APTs
  4. Dark web intelligence that hacks the hackers and exposes their attempts to sell stolen assets and credentials


Educating enterprises, regulators and ecosystem stakeholders on cyber security best practices, latest trends, threats and news.

Security As A Service

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to cyber security.
That’s why we work with each organisation to assess its needs and assets, identify the relevant threats and analyse the right security measurements.

The result? A cyber strategy that fits your organisation’s needs, making it more resilient and able to easily deal with and recover from threats.

Why Israel?

The combination of historical, political, social and cultural factors have all contributed to
what makes Israel the centre of security innovation.

For 25 years, Israel has been a dominant global player in the development of IT security technologies,
particularly in the area of cyber security.

A Global Innovation Hub

A Global Innovation Hub

Dubbed as “the Startup Nation”, Israel has the highest number of scientists and technology professionals per capita in the world. It’s also ranked as #1 for R&D investment per capita (as part of the GDP). There are over 400 cyber security companies in Israel and a dedicated cyber security centre in Beer-Sheba.

Constant Flow Of Talent

Constant Flow Of Talent

In a nation where nearly every citizen goes through a compulsory military service and with an ever increasing use of cyber security technology there – the talent pool is vast, continuous and experienced.

A Leader In Cyber Export

Cyber Products and Services Exporter

Israel is the 2nd largest exporter of cyber products and services in the world, after the United States. It’s responsible for over 10% of the Global market and its cyber security products are used by millions of people around the world, as well as hundreds of thousands of companies, including all Fortune 100 companies.


Meet The Avantgard Team

Avantgard – The Australia-Israel Cyber Centre was founded in 2016 by Andrew Cox (strategic technology implementation consultant), Joe Saar (ex-Israeli military intelligence subject matter expert) and Andrey Shirben (founding investor and a cyber security expert).

Andrew Cox – Founder

Over the past 22 years Andrew has influenced Australia’s adoption of IP communications, pioneering new industry practices and businesses to convert technology vision into useful applications valued by the real world.

Avantgard is his capstone project with the ambitious goal of securing this wonderful information ecosystem we have all worked so hard to create.

Andrey Shirben – Founding Investor 

Andrey served for 6.5 years in the Israeli Intelligence Corps’ Unit 8200 (ranked Captain) specialising in operational & technological early detection where Andrey led some of the most transformational projects in his field.

Later, he led Lawful Interception projects with integration between government agencies, Telco’s & ISP’s in 30 countries. In Australia, he worked with Australian Federal Police, State Crime Commissions, and others.

Over the last decade Andrey has been a seed investor in both Israeli and Australian technology start-ups, backing over 60 companies including key investments in cyber security.

Yoav (Joe) Saar (Lt. Colonel Retired) – Founder

Yoav (Joe) Saar, served 25 years in Israeli Air Force Intelligence. Among his duties was responsibility for Israel’s national response to early threat warnings where he re-cast Israel’s operational approach and gained recognition as an authority on strategic risk mitigation. After retiring the IAF, Joe worked in the Israeli security and defence industry as a senior consultant.

Joe also holds B.A and M.A. in history and international relations (both Cum Laude)

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